In 2007 this Website arrived.
Nicholas Jarvis Powers, sun-in-law, and Monet Zulpo-Dane, daughter, duet:
"The Internet will get your pictures out-there".
I began getting them out-there in 1969 with photo-postcard mailings.
+- 69,000 have been mailed.
! Now, soul-unchaining:
The pictures I want you to see will be here at, "Bill Dane on the internet.".
We build this Website together.
Nick, WebMaster, does computer-tech, form, content, humor, music, spirit.
! Thank You All.
You helped me to understand and made me feel
A part of something before I could know what it was:
Edith Thacher Dane, Patrick Siler, Bill Burback,
Bill Mott-Smith, Lea Anderson Bartneck, Ron Goldstein,
Nora Fanshel, Camille Zulpo, John FitzGibbon, John Szarkowski,
Joan Rosenbaum, Diana Edkins, Ben Lifson, Henry Wessel,
Tod Papageorge, Diane Arbus, Lee Friedlander.
! And.
For validating my 'experience' : Nancy Rose Dulberg,
Jeffrey Fraenkel, Frish Brandt, Alain Dupuy, Tom Garver,
Leo Rubinfien, Ann Swidler, Elliott Linwood, Carlos Gollonet,
Sandra Phillips, Pamela Bonino, Jack Fischer, Vagn Sparre-Ulrich,
Nick Powers, Monet Zulpo-Dane, Esther and Moses Dulberg Dane,
You and so many Others.
I hope that my sense of this life in the form of these pictures turns out to be worth sharing.