thank you

Bill Dane

2007, "the internet will get your pictures out-there", monet and nick
1969, i began getting them out-there with photo-postcard mailings, ~69,000 mailed
nicholas jarvis powers, sun-in-law, does website, computer-tech, form-content, humor-spirits - music
everything i want you to see will be here at

you helped me to understand and made me feel a part of something before i could know what it was
patrick walter siler, bill burback, bill mott-smith, ron goldstein, lea anderson
camille zulpo, john szarkowski, joan rosenbaum, diana edkins, henry wessel jr
ben lifson, john fitzgibbon, tod papageorge, diane arbus, lee friedlander

for validating my adventure
you, jeffrey fraenkel, frish brandt, elliott linwood, alain dupuy, carlos gollonet
pamela bonino, sandy sammataro phillips, tom garver, marc james leger
ann swidler, jack fischer, dan skjæveland
my everything companion nancy rose dulberg
monet zulpo-dane, nicholas jarvis powers, esther dulberg dane, moses dulberg dane

i hope that my sense of this life in the form of these pictures turns out to be worth sharing
grateful bill