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Garrison Art Center Press Release

Bill Burback
Garrison Art Center, Garrison, NY (2008)

Bill Dane has an informed, sophisticated and knotty eye and finger. These attributes are at the service of an odd and original mind. 

He is driven, compulsive and relentless in his pursuit and transformation of our world into his pictorial universe. Bill's photographs take us to the unfamiliar in what we may have taken for granted or thought we knew.

It has been a ride both triumphant parade and lonely road. 

Since 1969 Bill Dane has sent postcards to friends printed from his photographs taken on travels Inside and Outside the United States.

Over 300 of his original photographs were Xeroxed and fixed to the south wall of the Art Center for this exhibition. They form a point of reference to his long career as a photographer. The selection of postcards and messages, drawn from more than one thousand, were sent to a local resident.

Recently, Dane created a website, billdane.com, to make his body of work more available. Highlights are projected on the east wall of the Art Center. Please go to the artist's website to view more of his pictures and explore other aspects of his work. The photographs are organized chronologically into Volumes. A computer is available at the Art Center for your pleasure.

Prints of Bill Dane's photographs can be ordered here at the Garrison Art Center, or from the Fraenkel Gallery or the Jack Fischer Gallery, both in San Francisco. Dane's website is your catalog.

Twenty of Dane's postcards are now on view in the photography collection galleries of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.