HA HA on me
gotta go thru em all on tweak alert ... 
just finished the 150+ book pictures today-eve    
always a buddhist-commie blessing...   Os

+:  i know good that you have real lives

Bill Dane

Nick thank you for pointing me to paradises!!!! Os
you woke yet
check out
'escalator over the hill'  carla bley et al
'caroline or change'+ tony kushner
'three penny opera' weil n brecht
+: he’s composing a musical n won’t savor this post = tooff shite

Bill Dane

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." 
Henry David Thoreau

o dear no HDT didn’t know li’l bd

Bill Dane

simply don’t want to charge money for my pictures
we live capitalist-mess-usa-planet
family might get a few dollars in-future
drag n print Folks
my pleasure, bill

Bill Dane

I figured out what I want to do so I wrote:
No more sales (excepting Vintage) from/at the website - billdane.com
I want to tidy our future.
I want to publish on the website (& Flickr)  the size file  so the people could drag & print  only a 5x7" (or less) picture.
for collectors
I will ask Dan to print all 867 website pictures  @ (approx) 11" long edge   edition of one (1/1)  
((o Dan!  og Skogn tools  be good to us))
which I can sign now
price of $11,000  each
in-future  to be determined by Nancy-Moses-Esther-Monet-Nick-Romy  
as the future evolves into buddhist commonism . . . 
William Thacher Dane  
aka  Os Bill Dane  4/11/2019
+ I want to be buried in a buddhist-pauper's grave   in a forest?  where do we go?    
read these my words  Thanks  Xs  Bill+

Bill Dane

pass opp dan! they bs oss for their funk$$$:
billdane.com   Analytics = 2007 zero

Views        Users
79,712 14,457

også also også also alas også dan

flickr Analytics = 2008 zero


see wat i mean Os bill

Bill Dane

nick says   and i listen
no one publishes picture titles: 2019 Albany    
no one in any world he will participate in
= my bad  dan  bill
only: Albany 2019
you get my drift  bror

Bill Dane

de fleste planetarians ha det mer painfilled enn oss - skandinaver - vi er den lykkeligste
most planetarians have it more painfilled than us - scandinavians - we are the happiest
when  BLACK LIVES MATTER  we're all better
dear dan  way off in may 2019
it will be necessary   before we do send-out-pdf   to replace all book-pictures w my final-tweaked-versions  & selections
i will send our picture-possibles   when i finish tweaking   before wednesday   when nick n i do the same for the billdane.com
Os  bill

Bill Dane

Dear Codemaster t
please do a terse pithy one:
? what would it entail re-putting up 930 finally-tweaked-pic-files
ie  how many hours ?
let's say  & and we want to be with each other again socially  at 1065 & 307

Bill Dane

4 corners! 
i remember some of the amazing you will find Dan
came out of a tourist cave-tunnel into that blaze sun white
could not open my baby-blues thru 9 minutes of blinking

Bill Dane

Dear Dan  i'm just fine w/o being able to type/change page # 2  "1956 Miles Davis"
please - you remain just fine in all that arizona-Navajo natural-spiritual-human-beauty   
& history undigested by no. americans  due to the falsifying of usa history in textbooks
ad nauseum
Howard Zinn to the rescue  bror - bill

Bill Dane

ha ha Dan i can type on all the other pages except #2 !
Daniel - a Hebrew prophet (6th century bc ), who spent his life as a captive at the court of Babylon. In the biblical account, he interpreted the dreams of Nebuchadnezzar and was delivered by God from the lions' den into which he had been thrown as the result of a trick; in the apocryphal book of Susanna he is portrayed as a wise judge.

Bill Dane
Sklæveland's in Tuba City Arizona

Skjæveland’s in Tuba City Arizona . . . and i’m not
i need him . . . on TeamViewer
now i can't even type on PAGE # 2 of our adobe book program   
go Navajo !

Bill Dane

help !

Black Lives Do Not Yet Matter   
and i can not edit my words in my disappeared InDesign     
i did not do it  Dan   power outage do
get sun Dan   get sun    
when sun go down   you go fix    
this is a now famous Nigerian folk saying  
courtesy of bror Frank Dane  via his peacecorp duty

 when  BLACK LIVES MATTER  we're all better      billdane.com   na  flickr

Bill Dane

the Matt Bialer
You do this wonder-stuff !   
i piddl along road sides   
Keep On Truckin'...     
gimme a lift       
you already do !

Bill Dane

trusting ourselves
paths to awareness
so much floating beyond consciousness  and words
folks will always sell us road maps
my choice  time  is sort-of-free
tutors be welcome
Szarkowski  and Schjeldahl  my art favorites
and here is a style of directing i can value
i don’t often do interpretation
Flickr friend John Reiff Williams will
Giving back, is my read on the expression of this blowing a kiss to the audience.
There is a sense of gratitude here Bill (for me) that this act was not all about the surface but an existential question about the nature of life itself   and that as this lovely woman walks off the stage   she remains a whole person no more emotional   untraumatized as when she walked in. 
There was an unspoken sense of understanding being expressed.
And for everyone that views this image there will be a different read
( i hope) hence the nature of art.
Thank you, John.

Ivar Thaeater Hollywood 1982.jpg
Bill Dane

this AdobeInDesign won't even let me edit today
you've left your tools in trondheim  right?!
oh dear
enjoy the persons  & greet them for me with mondo props for our too hot commonist séance+++ Os  bill
when  BLACK LIVES MATTER  we're all better      billdane.com   na  flick

Bill Dane

i am collecting lots of followers on instagram Dan
they are all people with big breasts Dan
i believe they come from Your fans

Bill Dane