while you climb around grand children and the becoming home   i dont even imagine   
so i simply sit writing words  to fall opposite each picture in our 99 page+ dream book
our now comrade from norway showed up in '15 and recorded me for 4 days & left
few months   he produces transcription   wants to book no  not these exact words  bror
so i been sittin' fer 2 yrs   the often times horror of me-words-think-feel-words   
i'm a fucking scratch n blog guy 
assume we'll self publish   it is quirky   they probably like capitals & punctuation
tryin' a few art biggies for entertainment   
dan is 30s   the 80 guy is schooled   but  it is joyful to do the fantasy immersion things
same wit sun-in-law nick powers & our website   tuning up for the major’s move busting     
got fantasy  add to cart  box   & new pictures    
come down from your ladders n baby sitting highs   a cold eve  by the now-toxic-crackler  billdane.com   cuppa t   ... 
nevermind   build your own life   we're pretty damn lucky    it's in the book   Os  bill

Bill Dane

it’s going to be real hard not to do an email blast real soon
tiny continues his exertions at this our billdane.com
oh carts will be here

Bill Dane

al jazeera truth-out alternet portside i have bookmarks

Bill Dane

Nicholas Jarvis Powers
is grinding the picture-carts here @ billdane.com

Bill Dane

a kind of sorry

i share pictures daily
flickr fb twitter instagram
i’m sorry i can’t respond to every one of your visits

Bill Dane
listen up

listen up!

hearing altered since ‘79
photoing in small punk clubs
stage left
next to those me-size speakers
last night’s dream:
i am picking grapes out of my left ear … about 20 onto the ground
then my right ear … 15
i hear a lot better now
then i wake up

Bill Dane


i can’t get the website finished for any holy day run o shoppers

Bill Dane
waters n milk

waters n milk

1 should it be i or I i go to berkeley or I go to berkeley

2 i am having troubles getting my website pictures with their ID & Add to Cart thing

Bill Dane

Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony at Slims S.F. 2013
Kevin Gautschi Dylan Gautschi Nick Powers_sun-in-law = thank you Monet Os dad

Major Powers at Slims S.F. 2013.jpg
Bill Dane

Shawn Leigh Alexander
Grateful Bill Dane here = billdane.com
Respectfully Hello!
My Pleasure already...
I am looking for a Black-American book publisher for my project:
We will likely self-publish - Norwegians are already chipping-in.
Thank You for your grand project: African American Book Publishers List +++ all you do.
I am not finding.
Any suggestions?!
billdane.com is me today ... the book will wrap me up...

Bill Dane

I have been a doctor for many years  Dan...
I think it might be total BULLSHIT that a person of your stature does not eat large quantities of FISH   
+  anything else in a Usual Norske diet  Bror!
¡ WTF ! Today you are in Barcelona  Mate     
Do as they do Hermano

OK: Your Body-Mind-Soul   Your-Own-Self   Bro 
i'm outta this shit     
Now get us a fucking Black USA Publisher  Bruh   asap    or else... 
William Thacher bloody Dane

Bill Dane
ebay selling today at 7:11pm*/*

ebay selling starts tonite @ 7:11pm

Hello People.
Thanks for your visit.
1969 I started with a LEICA M3, then M2, and then my M4.
2007 a Digital Nikon D80 ... tried three more digital cameras - ok.
Finally found this compact Beauty
20MP 1" MOS Sensor
Lens: DC Leica Vario-Elmarit f/2.8-4.0 
25-400mm Equivalent, 16x Optical Zoom
Does it all.
My last camera?   I think I'm done now . . .
Our kids use cell-phones = I'm not gifting!
Used sparingly.  
Cared for.
 & possible fun: DPREVIEW
Instruction manual - I use the Leica Website online V-LUX 114, PDF.
Best for you  Bill

ebay - selling my cherry LEICA V-LUX 114.jpg
Bill Dane

so who do you trust ?

Bill Dane

i’m tired of standing up . . . i’m the fuckwit sitting down n doin’ prone

Bill Dane
Nancy-me1985-since 1979.jpg

Dulberg and Dane 1985 . . . and since 1979

Bill Dane

It's not our Jewish thing to discard xmas mail ...
there were actual Christians in my trees too...
Edie was always convinced that the Blumer who showed up in a boat
were there rivers to the sea in Switzerland? 
He was our link to new and Hebrew trees...
I am welcomed by Nancy+++  we even have an Esther n Moses
I SIMPLY JUST FOUND YOUR sad  & WONDERFUL CARD in one of our many piles of history
i leave the latin-greek-roman goodies in your hands n heads  Dude   so fun you do them!   
I'm preferring the brit-irish-scot-aussie trails of viking+ stuffs    
try "RAKE"+++ on netflix  Mate  asap oh fuckwit yes!
Edie knew  You are one of the very best Tony!    Lucky us all
Os A“T”T+   de Hermano Guillermo  Bill
it's always n forever a mess  like
netanyahu=another-anti-semite for the centuries...

BLM   NOW   SURJ   ILEN   JVP   LGBTQ   HOMES       billdane.com       flickr

Bill Dane

my note to my PCP:
Hello People-Person-Brent G. Kobashi, MD -Personal Care P-...
William Dane here.
There is a Mix-up somewhere in our Personal Care chain of...
Please facilitate my ongoing refills for Celexa 40mg.
Sadly I am dealing with the 24/7 care of my wife who has undergone spine surgery
by our esteemed UCSF Co-worker, Doctor Vadat Deviren, up at our Parnassus campus.
We are all very hopeful his XLIF mastery will prevail.
Please call me at 510-527-3172 Brent G. Kobashi, Only .... if we should talk.
Unconditional Love, 
William "Bill" Dane, PCPrimary+

Bill Dane