People using helpful words are everywhere.
Beware directed-interpretations, short-circuits, as usual.
For pictures, my favorites are Szarkowski and Schjeldahl.
I am not worthy.
And here is a kind of pointing I love.
I won’t do it.
My Flickr friend John Reiff Williams does it:
Giving back, is my read on the expression of this blowing a kiss to the audience. There is a sense of gratitude here Bill (for me) that this act was not all about the surface, but an existential question about the nature of life itself and that as this lovely woman walks off the stage she remains a whole person no more emotional untraumatized as when she walked in. There was an unspoken sense of understanding being expressed. And for everyone that views this image there will be a different read ( i hope) hence the nature of art. Thank you, John
‘Comment’ on Flickr for this picture - to be in my 2019 book.

Bill Dane