Moses Dulberg Dane says,
In just two short months I'll be leaving the Pacific Northwest for St Michaels, MD where I've accepted a job at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum as a shipwright apprentice working on a full stem to stern 2-year restoration of the 1912 carvel plank on frame round bottom tugboat Delaware. I am humbled and feel so fortunate to be given the opportunity to be part of such an awesome project. Check out the museum's sweet floating fleet at I can say confidently that I will be back at some point, Olympia, but an era of my life (if you will) is truly ending. I have grown as a person immensely while living in this town for one year short of a decade. All the amazing friends I've made that have moved on to follow their paths elsewhere and the ones who's paths still circle this place, I am grateful for the experiences we've shared. Fare thee well! And look out St Michaels, I'll be coming in hot!

Bill Dane