It's not our Jewish thing to discard xmas mail ...
there were actual Christians in my trees too...
Edie was always convinced that the Blumer who showed up in a boat
were there rivers to the sea in Switzerland? 
He was our link to new and Hebrew trees...
I am welcomed by Nancy+++  we even have an Esther n Moses
I SIMPLY JUST FOUND YOUR sad  & WONDERFUL CARD in one of our many piles of history
i leave the latin-greek-roman goodies in your hands n heads  Dude   so fun you do them!   
I'm preferring the brit-irish-scot-aussie trails of viking+ stuffs    
try "RAKE"+++ on netflix  Mate  asap oh fuckwit yes!
Edie knew  You are one of the very best Tony!    Lucky us all
Os A“T”T+   de Hermano Guillermo  Bill
it's always n forever a mess  like
netanyahu=another-anti-semite for the centuries...

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Bill Dane