while you climb around grand children and the becoming home   i dont even imagine   
so i simply sit writing words  to fall opposite each picture in our 99 page+ dream book
our now comrade from norway showed up in '15 and recorded me for 4 days & left
few months   he produces transcription   wants to book no  not these exact words  bror
so i been sittin' fer 2 yrs   the often times horror of me-words-think-feel-words   
i'm a fucking scratch n blog guy 
assume we'll self publish   it is quirky   they probably like capitals & punctuation
tryin' a few art biggies for entertainment   
dan is 30s   the 80 guy is schooled   but  it is joyful to do the fantasy immersion things
same wit sun-in-law nick powers & our website   tuning up for the major’s move busting     
got fantasy  add to cart  box   & new pictures    
come down from your ladders n baby sitting highs   a cold eve  by the now-toxic-crackler  billdane.com   cuppa t   ... 
nevermind   build your own life   we're pretty damn lucky    it's in the book   Os  bill

Bill Dane