I figured out what I want to do so I wrote:
No more sales (excepting Vintage) from/at the website - billdane.com
I want to tidy our future.
I want to publish on the website (& Flickr)  the size file  so the people could drag & print  only a 5x7" (or less) picture.
for collectors
I will ask Dan to print all 867 website pictures  @ (approx) 11" long edge   edition of one (1/1)  
((o Dan!  og Skogn tools  be good to us))
which I can sign now
price of $11,000  each
in-future  to be determined by Nancy-Moses-Esther-Monet-Nick-Romy  
as the future evolves into buddhist commonism . . . 
William Thacher Dane  
aka  Os Bill Dane  4/11/2019
+ I want to be buried in a buddhist-pauper's grave   in a forest?  where do we go?    
read these my words  Thanks  Xs  Bill+

Bill Dane